A bus is passing through a city. There are big signs and billboards outside some houses and buildings.

Put in the right prepositions

1. Interested ________ buying a TV set? Give us the chance ________ showing you the latest models.
2. Are you fond _______ cooking? Our 'Super Gloves' will prevent you ________ burning your fingers.
3. Buy our latest car. You will be proud ________ being a driver.
4. Have you decided __________ not doing your own spring-cleaning this year? Good. We'll do it for you.
5. Tired _______ doing your own garden? Let us give you the opportunity _______ enjoying your garden again __________ working in it

Connect the sentences with the help of a preposition and a gerund. Use 'after, for, by, without'.
Ex.: When the Normans had won the battle against Harold's army, the Normans became the new masters of England.
After winning the battle against harold's army, the Normans became the new masters of England.

6. They took all the land. They did not ask anybody.
7. The English hated the Normans, because they were so cruel.
8. The peasants had to work hard. They did not get paid much.
7. They hid in the woods. They tried to escape William's soldiers.
8. Only a few were able to run away. They fled to Scotland.
9. Later they were caught and punished very hard, because they had broken the King's peace.
10. Soon William was master of the whole country. He built strong castles everywhere.

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