Use gerunds or infinitives with the verbs in brackets:

1. I prefer walking to (ride)________________________ . "Let's take a bus." "No, I prefer (walk) ________________ ."
2. I like (look) ___________________ at your photos. I should like (look) ____________________ at your photos.
3. I must remember (pay) ____________________ you for the tickets. I don't remember (pay) ____________________ you for the tickets.
4. I shall never forget (go) __________________ with you to see the Chancellor. I forgot (collect) ___________________ your assignments yesterday.
5. I meant (come) _____________________ early today. A party tonight will mean (we, work) ____________________ extra hard tomorrow.

6. Lack of transport meant (we, to have to walk) ____________________________ over the mountains.
7. I paid him (prep.+ mend) _________________________ my computer.I paid him (mend) ____________________ my computer.
8. I regretted (say) ____________________ it was your fault. I regret (say) __________________ it was your fault.
9. He tried (speak) ______________________ Spanish to us, although he was not good at it. He then tried (speak) __________________ German because he hoped we would understand him better.
10. I must ask you (stop)_______________(sing)____________________ .
11. We must remember (start) _____________________ (revise) _______________________ our verbs next lesson.

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