Use infinitive constructions instead:

1. It must be great if children can work on a cattle farm. (for..)
2. Dave does not know whether he should leave school or not.
3. She was not the only one who bungee-jumped off that bridge.
4. His boss said to him, 'You are to drive to Denver next.' (tell)
5. The doctor said to the woman, 'Do not work so hard any more!' (advise)
6. It is hard if young people are supposed to enjoy themselves in a small town. (hard for)
7. It was the most interesting match that was played in our town.
8. The last song which was sung was by Madonna.
9. They all thought that he would be able to play soccer well. (use 'expect')
10. It is important that children play with other children from their neighbourhood. (use 'for+noun')
11. She was not able to tell him how he could get to Victoria Station.
12. Sarah was the first girl who won a prize for science.

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