Use infinitive constructions instead:

1. He said to her that she should start her own business. (use 'advise')
2. She was not the only one who had a good mark in her maths test.
3. Are you sure you know how you can repair this broken engine?
4. They found it hard to understand the explanations of their teacher. (use 'for' + pronoun)
5. This was the most exciting match which was played in our town.
6. Armstrong was the first man who stepped onto the moon, but he was not the only one who walked on it.
7. They all thought that he would be able to play soccer well. (use 'expect')
8. It is important that children play with other children from their neighbourhood. (use 'for' + noun)
9. The Browns were the last family that moved to this area.
10. The next construction which will be built is a school building.
11. Most parents expect that their children work hard at school.
12. His parents want (he/to go)____________ to university.

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