Fill in the gaps the right form of the verb in brackets using:

- the -ing-form of the verb
- to+infinitive or
- the infinitive without to

Example: I told him (1. stop) ____________________ worrying about his health.
Answer: to stop

1. When he persuaded me (1. lend) __________________ him the money, I pleaded with him (2. save) _________________ some of it.
2. He carried on (3. play) ________________ cards, howver, and failed (4. win) _____________ a single game, so that when the time came (5. go) ____________ home, he had no money left (6. buy) ____________ food with and would have liked (7. borrow) ______________ some more.
3. This time, though, I refused (8. give) ______________ him anything, guessing that he would rush (9. throw) ______________ it away in another game.
4. Still, I couldn't help but (10. feel) _____________ sorry for him and I offered (11. give) ______________ him a meal at my house because I couldn't let him (12. go) __________ hungry after all his kindness to me in the past.
5. I insisted on (13. take) _____________ him home with me and said that I couldn't tolerate (14. eat) ____________ alone.
6. I thought I'd better not (15. spoil) ____________ the meal by preaching at him, but my behaviour must have started him (16. think) ______________ because, as he was leaving, he vowed (17. give) ___________ up gambling from that day.
7. He said, "You can be sure you will never catch me (18. be) _________ such a fool again." This inspired me (19. hope) ____________ for the best, but two days later I spotted him (20. bet) ______________ in the street.

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