INFINITIVE OR GERUND - Add prepositions and use the passive where necessary

1. Remember _______________________________ (to switsch off) the light before you leave the house.

2. I remember ____________________________ (to take) to the theatre for the first time by my parents.

3. Would you like _____________________________ (to eat) fish& chips?

4. I prefer ______________________________ (to play) basketball to ___________________________ (play) soccer.

5. The speaker stopped ____________________________ (to wait) for another guest to take his seat.

6. We tried ______________________________ (to climb) Mont Blanc, but didn't succeed.

7. Look at these dark clouds. I'd hate ________________________________ (must go) out now.

8. I count _________________________________ (to get) my money back.

9. I would like ______________________________ (to thank) you for _________________________________ (to assist) me.

10. The driver had an accident, but he managed _________________________________ (to leave) his car uninjured.

11. Mrs Sanders always insists _____________________________________ (to take) home by car.

12. She is said ________________________________ (to nominate) for the Oscar.

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