The following sentences or phrases all originate from pupils' Klausuren. Print this page and try to decide if there is a countable mistake or 'only' an awkward way of saying it or if there is nothing wrong at all. Have fun and don't kill each other in case you are marking this in a group...
If you teach in Lower Saxony, there are rules which say that only spelling and punctuation errors count as half mistakes, all other errors are 'full' mistakes. There is nothing like one and a half or two mistakes for one error, even if it's a very serious one...

FI    = geht als halber oder ganzer Fehler in den Fehlerindex ein;
AV- = nur ein Mangel im Ausdrucksvermögen;
i.O. = in Ordnung

Sentences/Phrases FI   AV- i.O.
 1. He never leaves his flat for going shopping.      
 2. It was him.      
 3. Don't walk any further!      
 4. He wanted, that nobody should recognize him.      
 5. This is typical for him.      
 6. He wanted to reach his aim (in life).      
 7. except of him      
 8. the outer appearance of a character      
 9. He returned to the house for getting books.      
10. He was arrested for stealing a car radio.      
11. For receiving private channels, Germany has cable TV.      
12. There is the possibility to find a solution.      
13. There were less road accidents this Christmas.      
14. under these circumstances      
15. This shape is different to/than that one.      
16. everything is alright      
17. ..neither he nor his wife have arrived so far..      
18. He feels like he is totally out of place.      
19. We have to fight for finding a way out.      
20. I suggested her to go abroad.      
21. The man shook his head astonishedly.      
22. This is nearly unbelievable.      
23. He has an own car.      
24. the largest town of the world      
25. ..here must be done something..      
26. as it is the case      
27. He made his first teaching experience in Scotland.      
28. He surprisedly looked at her.      
29. He was talking very detailed.      
30. He got off the train whose departure had been cancelled.      
31. ..and instead she went direct to the hotel..      
32. in the 1980's      
33. in the 1980s      
34. She explained me that this would be..      
35. He made an exam.      
36. This sentence stands in line 12.      
37. Being a time of extensive travel, people all over the world must try and keep an open mind.      
38. A good time was had by all of them.      
39. to loose one's interest      
40. she was an extraordinary pretty girl      

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