Fill in for or since:

Janet: How long have you been learning Spanish?
Susan: Since I became a secretary. You know, I get more money for a knowledge of Spanish. I've been going to night-school for about two years now, I think.
Janet: And how long has your firm been paying you more?
Susan: Since the beginning of this year. First I had to study for fifteen months, but I'm glad I did it.

1. Mary has practised the violin __________ ten hours this week because she hopes to win the music prize.
2. How long has Janet been having dancing-lessons? ___________ the summer?
3. I've been waiting patiently for the telephone message ______________ three o'clock.
4. ______________ yesterday many thousands of people have died of hunger in the poorer parts of the world.
5. His grandmother has been unable to see clearly ____________ a long time.
6. _____________ several weeks many football fans have been helping their club to build a new stadium.
7. I wish I knew what was wrong with Clifford. He's usually so cheerful, but ______________ some days now he's had such a sad face.

Fill in during or while:

During the last lesson sornething strange occurred. While I was writing on the board, one of the boys stood up and walked out of the room. Nobody knew why. Nothing happened during the next ten minutes; then while I was explaining some grammatical point, the boy reappeared and sat down. I was too amazed to speak. Later I questioned him about it, but he couldn't remember anything. So I suppose that, since he's seldom awake in the lessons, he was sleep-walking.

1. _________________ the pop concert many seats were broken by the excited audience.
2. _________________ his mother's back was turned, the baby grabbed the pepper-pot.
3. He fell asleep ___________________ he was preparing for his exam.
4. The moon gives us light __________________ the night.
5. __________________ the family was celebrating, thieves robbed them of their money and silver.
6. Since the master had to go away for a few days, he told the pupils what work he expected them to do _______________ his absence.
7. __________________ our stay in Scotland we visited Loch Ness, but unfortunately we didn't catch sight of the monster.

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