Fill in to lend or to borrow:

Sandra: Can I borrow your bike, Pauline? My mother wants me to go to the stationer's for her.
Pauline: Yes, if you lend me your records this afternoon.
Sandra: All right. Thanks a lot. See you later...
Sandra's mother: Where did you get that bicycle from, Sandra?
Sandra: Pauline lent it to me. You know, she's always lending people her things.
Mother: What a nice girl! I wish her mother were the same. She only borrows things. We've often given her groceries and we've never had any back.

1. Will you _______________ us your game of Monopoly for a few hours?
2. Banks ________________ money to people.
3. I wanted to _________________ my father's car this evening, but he needs it himself.
4. If you let me _________________ your football, I'll __________________ you my new cassette-recorder.
5. I'm surprised you didn't __________________ Mark your table-tennis bat. He's your best friend.
6. If you are fond of reading, why don't you ______________ some books from the library?
7. Don't _________________ other people's possessions. You may lose something.

Fill in to let or to leave:

Nigel: Dad, when did the Romans leave Britain?
Father: Now let me think. They must have left when the Anglo-Saxons invaded the land. If I remember correctly, the Romans left the country so weak that the Anglo-Saxons had no trouble in conquering it. But let's have a look at the encyclopaedia to find out the exact date. You know, this is a strange subject to talk about at breakfast-time. Tell me, why are you so interested?
Nigel: Oh, I just wanted to see how much you had remembered from your school- days.

1. Father _________________s his office at 4.30 p.m.
2. Mrs. Carter shouldn't __________________ her children at home by themselves in the evenings.
3. Please ____________________ me see the present before you send it off.
4. _________________ the door open because it's rather warm in here.
5. Nigel _________________ your bedroom tidy because I want to start the spring-cleaning today.
6. _________________ him read his newspaper in peace.
7. Perhaps your father will __________________ you stay up longer and watch the music show on television.
7. Come on!______________ us try to invent a new game.

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