(various activities for beginners and more advanced pupils)

For beginners (Klasse 6/7):

I. Abbreviations:
Give each pupil (or pair of pupils)a copy of the following set of abbreviations. Ask them to write out the complete texts:

1. 7 d of the w ___________________________
2. 26 l of the a __________________________
3. 1001 A N ____________________________
4. 366 d in a l y _____________________________
5. 88 p k ______________________________
6. 18 h on a g c ___________________________
7. 90 d in a r a __________________________
8. 24 h in a d ____________________________
9. 11 p in a s t ____________________________
10. 2 w in a f _______________________________
11. 7 c of the r ______________________________

II. How many? (beginners - Klasse 6/7)
Task: numbers; fluency skills

Ask your pupils what they can say about the number one. Possible answers might be There is only one sun. / We have one heart. / The classroom has one door.

Then ask them what they can say about number two.
Make pupils always answer in a complete sentence! They can also say what they can see in the classroom.
Go on with numbers three, four etc.
You can also make pupils write the sentences in their notebooks.

III. Buzzword quiz

Do you know what the following buzzwords mean?

1. Congestion charging is:
a. a tax for using city centre roads
b. the high cost of cold remedies
c. a new type of reusable battery

2. A senior moment is:
a. a headache remedy for adults
b. a moment of teporary forgetfulness in an elderly person
c. happiness experienced by managers when being promoted to better jobs

3. Road rage is:
a. a chart-topping heavy metal compilation CD
b. angry and violent behaviour from drivers towards other road users
c. an expensive new hobby where business executives drive racing cars to relieve stress

IV. Compounds

Complete these sentences using the adjectives in the box.
life-threatening / safety-checked / low-cost / time-defying / mouthwatering / time-poor / age-related

1. The new ___________________________ face cream she had bought promised miracles.

2. Britain these days is a _____________________________ society. Everyone is always in a hurry.

3. The emergence of ____________________________ airlines has made travelling much cheaper.

4. This week's magazine shows you some ______________________________ recipes for Christmas.

5. All components are _________________________________ and can easily be assembled.

6. Despite advances in medicine, the incidence of ________________________________ illnesses increases after the age of 60.

7. Vaccination has practically eliminated many ______________________________ diseases.

V. Match each adjective (1-6) with a suitable noun (a-f)

1. publicity-conscious a. chunks of meet
2. government-sponsored b. actor
3. bit-part c. court case
4. high-frequency d. politician
5. bite-size e. training scheme
6. high-profile f. vocabulary

Now write sentences giving a definition like this:
Example: A publicity-conscious politician is one who consciously seeks to remain in the public eye.

Source: English Teaching professional, July 28, 2003

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