Fill in the correct forms with the veerbs given in brackets.

1. Remember (can, run up) _________________________________ the stairs?
2. Remember (to admire) ______________________ by people on the beach?
3. Isn't it time you started (to do) _____________________________________ something for your health?
4. OK, you have stopped (to smoke) ________________________________ and you've given up (to drink)

_________________________________ alcohol and maybe have tried (to lose) ______________________________

weight, but you still hate yourself for (to feel) ___________________________________ sluggish and tired.
5. What you need (to do) ____________________________ is (to take up) _____________________________ a

fitness course with us at 'Beautiful Bodies'.
6. Do you feel like (to run) _________________________ ? We consider our race track (to be) ______________ the

best in town or do you prefer (to swim) ____________________________ ? Then remember (to bring)

______________________ your swimming trunks.
7. How about (to lift) _________________________ some weights? (to train) ____________________________ by our

instructors you may (can lift) __________________________________ your first hundredweight after just two

weeks. Who knows? You may have the ability (to become) __________________________ a real sportsman.
8. It is important (to be) __________________________ optimistic. If you believe in (to work)

___________________________ hard for your goals, you'll succeed in (to achieve) ________________________

everything you want.You can rely on us (to bring) ______________________ out the best in you.
9. We would be happy (can welcome) ____________________________ you and are looking forward to (to see)

____________________________ you. It's easy (to join) _____________________ . Remember (to fill in)

____________________ your application form today.

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