Fill in the modals (modale Hilfsverben) can, shall, should, are to, need or will:

The Governor talks to an officer:

1. Governor: Go and talk to the captains of the tea-ships. My orders are that they _________ unload the tea tomorrow. __________ you do that for me, please?
2. Officer: Yes, sir. But I don't think they ___________ do it themselves. There are not enough men on the ships.
3. Governor: They ___________ not do it in a day, there is plenty of time until the end of the week. But by Saturday they _______ be finished, or else we ________ not have enough room in the harbour for the new ships we are expecting.
4. Officer: Right, sir. I __________ do that at once.

After the Boston Tea Party the wife of one of the colonists asks her husband:
Example: (to be more carefull - to lose your life)
Shouldn't you have been more careful? You might have lost your life.

5. to stay away from the Meeting House - to get shot at
6. to take your gun with you - to need it
7. to talk to the Governor first - he - to listen to you
8. to warn the captains of the tea-ships - they - to give you some tea
9. to bring back some of the tea - we - to save some money

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