Find the right modal verbs in the following sentences and underline them:

1. When you are at a boarding school, you - have to / ought to - wear a school uniform.
2. You - don't have to / mustn't - wear your seatbelt during the whole of the flight.
3. I - don't need / shouldn't - wear glasse because my eyesight is still quite good.
4. He - didn't need / needn't have - to take any money because his girlfriend was going to pay.
5. We - weren't allowed to / wouldn't - talk to our teacher because he attended a conference.
6. You - should / have got to - tell him that you are sorry.
7. When I first came to London I - could / couldn't - speak only a few words of English.
8. We - needn't have /couldn't have - ordered so many desserts as nobody was hungry any more.
9. Did you have to / Must you - have your hair cut before your appointment?
10. You - need / must - be a member of the club before you can play.

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