The construction with+object+participle is often used in written English to express reason or a condition under which a specific action takes place.
The following test is further meant to find out if pupils can use other participle constructions, e.g. by substituting the subordinate clauses by participles:

1. Only a little money has been spent. Now the children can afford two more days at the seaside. (Use a 'with-construction')

2. Snow covers large parts of the country. Most of the commuters can't go to work. (Use a 'with-construction')
3. He broke his right leg. He can't go on a walking tour. (Use 'with..')
4. A new bridge has been built. Traffic will now flow much faster. (Use'with..')
5. The town has built a bypass. People in the town centre will now have a quieter life. (Use 'with..')
6. People stared at her. When she saw herself in a shop window, she could understand why.
7. Then I changed my mind and realized that I could do nothing to help.
8. As he had married very late, he was only a year short of fifty when I was born.
9. The old man stood up and his tears were running down his cheeks. (Use 'with..')
10. As he had not seen her for fifteen years, he failed to recognize her at first.
11. The bus which carried the freedom riders arrived just before noon.
12. Although he wasn't very rich, he donated his little extra money to the poor.
13. The answer that had not come as quickly as he wanted was right.
14. As she was surprised at my reaction, she tried to console me.
15. If the weather is fine, we'll go camping.

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