Use participial constructions instead:

1. So many accidents happen every day. You really ought to drive carefully.(Use a 'with-construction')

2. As David had been watched driving too fast by the police, he had to pay a fine of £100.
3. Both legs had been broken. The injured man was take to hospital. (Use 'with..')
4. You cannot go to school. Your head is aching so terribly. (Use'with..')
5. Since Mrs. Wagner didn't want to give up her job, she decided to advertise for a German au pair girl. (Use 'with..')
6. Although they were shaking hands, they left pretty angrily.
7. The banks were all closed. Many tourists had problems cashing their traveller's cheques. (Use 'with..')
8. Though Mary didn't feel uncomfortable at all, she gave up her job as a nurse.
9. The English have sold more goods than ever before. So they earned the money they need to buy goods from abroad. (Use 'with..')
10. The photos which had been taken in England were shown at school.
11. She was disappointed when she only got £25 at the end of her first week because she had expected to be paid more.
12. If he is arrested by the police, he will be taken to prison.

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