Connect the sentences using a participle:

a) Thomas's son says::
I was standing at the entrance. Suddenly I heard a lot of shouting.
Standing at the entrance, I suddenly heard a lot of shouting.

1. I ran round the stables. I saw my father in the yard.

2. He was sitting on his horse. He held his hand against his shoulder.
3. He was trying to get off his horse. He slipped and two servants caught him in their arms.
4. He walked slowly across the yard. He looked very pale and tired.
5. They helped him up the stairs. They took him to his room.
b) Later Thomas tells his family:
At the edge of the wood we saw a lot of wild pigs. They were digging for food in a field.
...we saw a lot of wild pigs digging for food in a field.

6. First we watched the animals. They were enjoying their food.
7. Then we noticed a big bird. It was flying high above us.
8. Some of our horses moved and the pigs heard us. We were coming out of the wood.
9. The biggest pig rushed towards me. It attacked me fiercely.
10. I fell off my horse and felt a terrible pain. It was running from my shoulder down my left arm.

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