Write a letter using participles or infinitives from the following phrases:

"After her first ride on a train a young girl writes in her notebook: First ride on a train today - we had to wait for a long time before we could start - hot day - the sun burned my nose and arms (open carriages) - after 2 o'clock the train suddenly started at a high speed (10 miles an hour) - houses, trees, fields flew by - not afraid though - a strong wind blew through my hair (what a mess it looked!) - the whistle of the engine made a loud noise (to warn people!) - little children ran away when they saw our train - a woman picking flowers in her garden dropped her basket and rushed into her house (poor woman!) - on a hill our train went backwards (!) - another engine came and helped to pull us up - Stephenson rode in the carriage in front of mine - wonderful man (the most wonderful, I think!)."

In a letter to a friend she later writes:

Dear Barbara,
Yesterday I took my first ride on a train. We had to wait a long time before we could start. It was a hot day. I felt the sun burning / burn my nose and arms, as we were stitting in open carriages.

Go on like this using the verbs 'to watch', 'to notice', 'to see', 'to hear', 'to feel' with your sentences.

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