Condense each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence by using a participle. You may use a present or past participle, as appropriate. Also punctuate your sentences correctly.

Anastacia accepted the Citizenship Award. She was smiling happily.
Smiling happily, Anastacia accepted the Citizenship Award.

1. Rick was pleased by her invitation. He accepted it immediately.
2. The phone in the next apartment was ringing insistently. It annoyed me.
3. I was startled by the sudden noise. I leaped out of bed.
4. The escaped convict hid in the bushes. The police arrested him.
5. We were challenged by Mr Cole's remarks. We resolved not to fail again.
6. The long pass was caught by Gordon. This meant victory for our team.
7. I heard the news on the radio this morning. It was depressing.
8. The enemy troops were defeated in the battle. They retreated across the bridge.
9. I scorched my best dress with a hot iron. I had to throw it away.
10. The car sped down the narrow road. It barely missed a pedestrian.

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