Change the following sentences into the passive voice:

1. The audience could see a lot of cowboys in the show.
2. They show the picture of a cowboy's life in many films.
3. Real cowboys did not chase bandits.
4. Cowboys had to round up cattle and then they drove the animals for many miles to the railroad stations.
5. Very often the cowboys were following the cattle for hundrdeds of miles.
6. The settlers made thousands of Indians leave their land.
7. On the other hand the Indians were teaching the settlers how to grow corn.
8. The Sequoia developed their own alphabet and could teach their children how to read and write.

Make passive sentences from the following words. Look out for prompts which determine the tenses.

9. the children / to ask / just / some difficult questions
10. next week / we / to show / another video film
11. a new bridge / now / to build / across the Thames
12. the new museum / to open / not..yet

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