Change the following sentences into the passive voice:

1. The students were supposed to carry their luggage to the youth hostel.
2. Some students forgot their suitcases in a taxi.
3. One student couldn't find his suitcase at all.
4. At last everybody were looking for their suitcases at the taxistand and somebody found them.
5. Then they all had to carry the heavy suitcases for three miles.
6. The film makers used a lot of special effects for Independence Day.
7. They didn't clean the car properly.
8. When I came around the corner, they were putting up a poster.

Make passive sentences from the following words. Mind the tenses, too.

9. over the past few years - to make - many robots - for work - in factories
10. Look! They - to build - a new bridge - across the Hudson River
11. our washing machine - cannot/to use - because - it - now - to repair
12. Never - in their life - the Nussbaumers - to forget - their journey across Death Valley (2 possibilities)

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