Passive forms are often used in English whereas in German an active form + a subordinate clause is used. The English passive form makes the statement shorter and is more elegant in English. This structure is mostly used with the following verbs:
allege, assume, believe, claim, consider, expect, know, think, prove, report or say.

Change the following sentences into the passive voice:

1. They say that the Chancellor is always right in what he says.

2. Germans expect their parliament to pass a new bailout law today.

3. According to reports on the Internet the warming of the climate is dramatically increasing.

4. The media report that a mass murderer was arrested in Manchester yesterday.

5. People thought that the sun was revolving around the Earth and not the other way round.

6. Newspapers believe that bureaucrats in Brussels have been spending too much money for farmers.

7. Many experts consider that Einstein is one of the world's greatest scientists.

8. It is alleged that this hedge fond banker considerably cheated his customers.

9. Neighbours used to say that Mr Sanders killed his wife, but now it has been proved that he hasn't.

10. It is said that a UFO crashed into the desert in Arizona.

11. It is assumed that the Sumerians in Mesapotamia invented the first writing system 5000 years ago.

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