Change the expressions in italics in this way, using a possessive adjective or a possessive pronoun:

Today almost all children have their own TV sets.
Today almost all children have their TV sets of their own.

1. In Dr. Jenner's time a child ill with smallpox often did not have his own bed at home and so the other children who had to sleep with him always caught smallpox, too.
2. As the towns did not have their own hospitals yet, the disease could become very dangerous.
3. While Dr. Jenner was making his experiments, a few of his friends asked the government to give the doctors some money for his vaccinations.
4. "The help I received from some of my friends and from the government allowed me to go on with my experiments," he later said.
5. Dr. Jenner's vaccination reports attracted a lot of attention, but they did not make him rich. None of his poor patients, however, had to pay for the vaccination. But a few other doctors were not careful enough with the fluid: some of their patients died.

Ask questions like this:

Example: (your parents - a house)?
Have your parents a house of their own?

6. (your parents - a garden)?
7. (your family - a car)?
8. (your brother - a motor-cycle)?
9. (you - a room)?

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