Fill in the right prepositions:

1. He never gets _________ school ________ time. He is always tired and late _______ school.
2. And what is more, ________ May 2nd he was even sleeping __________ the German lesson.
3. When Mrs Fuller heard ___________ that, she was very angry _________ her son.
4. When she arrived ______ her house she rushed ________ the sitting-room. And where was her son?
5. He was sitting close _____ the TV set and was looking __________ the TV magazine.
6. 'I must speak ________ you, son,' she said, 'I can't leave you _______ your own anymore.
7. From now on your dad and I will stay ______ home _______ the evenings and ask you _________ your homework, Robin!
8. You won't be allowed ________ watch TV anymore. It'll be a new way ______ life for you.
9. You'll have to wash ______ in the kitchen. And you'll have to take the dog ______ a walk. And you'll go ______ bed early every night. Any questions?'

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