Punctuate the following:

1. the procession passed the crowd dispersed and soon the street was silent and deserted life became normal again
2. mary my elder sister was in the kitchen where a meal was being prepared my brother who had just returned from work was cleaning his bicycle outside I shrank at the prospect of breaking the news to them yet I was determined to do so without delay
3. he studied hard he was intelligent not unnaturally he succeeded in the examination
4. he began his speech as follows ladies and gentlemen your country is not in an advantageous position from one end of the land to the other there is a general collapse of industry the picture is not so gloomy as that some will tell me nevertheless it is my duty to warn you that all is far from well
5. on sunday he never rode at least not until old age made his pony almsot necessary to him for it was his principle that even domestic animals have a right to rest on sunday

Wherever necessary, insert an article in the following sentences:

1. John plays violin but his brother prefers to play football.
2. British and French armies were under single command.
3. Author, soldier and statesman, Mr. Churchill is one of great figures of day.
4. Half pound is too small sum to pay.
5. Nowadys people think more of present than future.

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