A. Reflexive pronouns possible or not?

1. Jean still remembers _________________ her exciting holiday excursion.
2. She washed and dressed ____________________ more quickly than usual.
3. When she sat ________________ down for breakfast, her mother said, "Let's hope that no accidents will happen ___________________".
4. All the children had been longing ___________________________ for that day.
5. When Jean and her friend approached ____________________________ the bus, there were only a few children waiting.
6. But soon they found ________________________ surrounded by most of their class-mates.
7. When the clock struck seven, the master turned _____________________ round and counted the boys and girls.
8. Imagine ___________________, there were only 32 instead of 34!
9. Peter and Jean offered __________________________ to go and see what wa the matter with the boy and the girl who were absent.
10. The boy had overslept ______________________, but he was hurrying ________________________ to get _____________________ ready before the bus left.
11. The girl had hurt ____________________________ the day before and had to stay at home.

B. Reflexive or reciprocal pronouns?

1. Whenever the women of Littletown saw _______________________, they asked _____________________________ what they could do to protect _________________________ against John Doe.
2. The other shopkeepers of the town did not hate _________________________, but they hated John Doe.
3. One day, the children told __________________________ that their mothers would go to the King himself.
4. They enjoyed _______________________ very much when they went with their mothers.
5. Soon they found _________________________ in the King's throne-room.
6. They looked at _____________________________ in amazement.
7. The King proved __________________________ a avery clever man.
8. When the men saw what was happening they winked at _________________________ and helped _____________________ to put up the plank.
9. The children shouted so loud that the King and his helpers could not hear ________________________ .

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