Connect the sentences without the help of a relative pronoun:
There was a big boat. They could see it through the rain.
There was a big boat they could see through the rain.

1. Among the warriors there was a tall man. The officers recognized him as their leader.
2. A Danish soldier gave an order. The officer and the guard could not hear it from where they were standing.
3. Then the warriors walked along the road. The soldiers had obviously shown it to them.
  When the warriors had reached the top of the cliffs, their leader told the officer that they wanted to see King Hrothgar. The officer said:
4. "Our King lives in the great hall. You can see it on the hill."
5. We are keeping watch because of a terrible monster. Nobody has been able to kill it yet.

6. Beowulf replied, "Look at the armour and weapons. We have brought them across the sea to use against that monster."
7. And then the officer said, "There will be great joy in the hearts of all our men. You will meet them tonight in our great hall. - Go in peace, great warriors."

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