Connect the sentences by using adjective clauses. The clause should always be placed close to the word it modifies.

The test covered yesterday's assignment. I did well on it.
I did well on the test that covered yesterday's assignment.

1. My cousin enjoys practical jokes. He put pepper into my popcorn.
2. Father prefers a curry dishes. They contain a lot of spices.
3. The horse once belonged to my grandpa. It has a broken leg.
4. The dress is too large for me. It may fit Jessica.
5. Bob drove the new red convertible. The car led the parade.
6. I fell madly in love with the pianist. He lives next door.
7. I stumbled over the bike. It was lying on the sidewalk.
8. My father paid over fifteen thousand dollars for the car. It was once owned by the governor of the state.
9. A monkey lost its temper. It began throwing rocks at us.
10. The tall man coaches our football team. I introduced him to you at the picnic.

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