Change the following sentences into reported speech using appropriate verbs in the main clause where necessary:

1. The managing director, 'Bring me the new plans as soon as possible, Neil!' (Past Tense)
2. The doctor, 'Get more exercise, Tom! You are getting too fat'.
3. The personnel manager asked Mr Jonson, 'Would you like a bigger desk?'
4. She said, 'I didn't have any breakfast this morning.'
5. Mrs Russ says to her son, 'You must go shopping tomorrow.'
6. He asked the teacher, 'May I leave the room?'
7. He replied, 'I will have finished my homework in ten minutes.'
8. Mary asked Tom, 'Do you think I will understand the problem?'
9. His friend responded, 'I am sorry, but I won't be able to come because I already have an appointment tomorrow morning.'
10. Martin said, 'Don't spoil the new carpet with your dirty shoes! It has just been dry-cleaned.

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