Change the following sentences into reported speech:

1. Prof. Irvin said, 'I will go to the downtown areas and show people how bad the parking problems are.'
2. He continued saying, 'I have seen many lively town centers, but yesterday I saw one which was almost dead.'
3. He eventually argued, 'If the Lakeside shopping center keeps on developing like this, it will stay alive.'
4. Harry explained, 'I started school some days ago and had my first German lesson yesterday, tomorrow I will be having my first Geography lesson.'
5. A little later he said, 'I am thinking of everybody back home and will send some photos next week.'
6. Then he asked, 'Did you hear about the latest soccer results? Aren't they surprising?'
7. He also wanted to know, 'Do you like the new player on the Lakers basketball team?'
8. The teacher said to Harry, 'Listen to the teacher carefully and work hard!'
9. Finally he said, 'I hope you will like your new school. Write to me as soon ans possible!'
10. When Harry had been in Mount Vernon for two months he thought, 'I ought to write to Mr Bogg today and should not forget to tell him about my Geography lessons.'
11. Victoria asked, 'What were your first impressions when you saw your new school for the first time?'
12. Linda replied, I didn't do my homework because I had to go to the doctor.'

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