Change the following sentences into reported speech:

1. I asked the policeman, 'What time will the match start?'
2. Joe wanted to know, 'Mary, where are you going to spend your holiday?'
3. He said to the children, 'Don't play with fire all the time!'
4. David said to Mary, 'Look after the children while I am away!'
5. James said to Sheila, 'I must leave now because I have a lot of work to do.'
6. He also said, 'Tomorrow morning I must go and see my manager.'
7. He continued saying, 'I can't go to London this Friday because I will have to do some work on my car.'
8. Mother said to her children, 'Go to bed and don't get up until you're called!'
9. The boy said, 'I didn't have anything to eat this morning.'
10. She admitted, 'I have been smoking too much recently.'
11. He asked, 'Do you wonder why I didn't come?'
12. She asked him, 'Do you understand it now? I'll explain it to you again if necessary.'

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