Change the following sentences into reported speech:

1. The coach said to Tommy, 'You'll never be a top banana.'
2. He asked, 'How many times do I have to tell you that you should rather pass the ball?'
3. Tommy replied, ' I took our chance but unfortunately didn't succeed.'
4. The coach said to him, 'Don't argue all the time! You'll not be on the team the next time.'
5. Debbie advised him, 'Go to the coach and apologize for what you did!'
6. Debbie also said, 'Our team must play against Weston High School next weekend.'
7. Pat replied to her boyfriend, 'I'm sorry, but I have already promised Steve to go with him to the dance.'
8. Tommy simply said, 'You needn't come with me. And if you don't go with me I'll never ask you again.'
9. The coach again shouted at his team, 'Why don't you pass the ball faster?'
10. At the end he said, 'It's your own fault that you lost today.'

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