Change the following sentences into reported speech:

1. Mrs Brady asked Silke, 'Did you have a good flight?'
2. The flight attendant told her, 'We'll be able to get you a seat next to a window.'
3. Silke mentioned, 'I had a little snack on the plane, but I could not eat, anyway.'
4. She added, 'I was so excited because I have never been on a plane before. Seven hours ago I was still in Berlin.'
5. Mrs Brady then said, 'This summer my husband and I want to go to a conference about minority languages.'
6. Silke asked, 'Where is the conference? Will it be in Ireland?'
7. Silke wondered, 'I must find out more about the Wendish language.'
8. Mrs Brady said to her husband, 'Don't speak so fast to Silke! She will not understand you.'
9. Silke explained, 'I could attend several different courses. I don't have to say anything in my English class.'
10. The neighbour asks Silke, 'Do you know when the Bradys will be back home from the conference?'

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