Change the following sentences into reported speech:

1. "Whether you like it or not," I said, "you'll have to go. There is only one man I know who is capable of doing the job, and that man is you. How much do you want to be paid?"
2. "That doesn't come into it," he said; "if the job's got to be done, It's got to be done. But I don't like it, and I tell you frankly I'd much rather you found someone else."
3. "There isn't anyone else," I said. "You know that as well."
4. He smiled wryly. "I admit I used not to mind taking risks in the old days. But now things are different; I've got a wife to consider. What's Jane going to say about all this?"
5. "You seem to forget that Jane is also my daughter," I said. "She means as much to me as she does to you."

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