Complete the following sentences in reported speech (choose the verbs/past tense in brackets as introductory verbs):

Ex. Let me help you.
My father offered to help me.

1. 'Why don't we go for a walk?' (suggest)
2. 'I wasn't anywhere near the place the crime happened.' (claim)
3. 'This region is the best place for hunting.' (say)
4. 'The cranes return every spring and fly past our village.' (explain)
5. 'Can you answer the mobile phone? I'm having dinner!' (ask)
6. 'I gave you my notebook last week.' (insist)
7. 'Could you come and pick me up from school today, mum?' (ask)
8. 'If I were you, I wouldn't drink so much.' (advise)
9.'I don't help you because you didn't help me.' (a. say / b. refuse)
10. I'll bring your car back tomorrow. (promise)

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