Fill in the right tenses, also distinguish between simple and progressive forms:

1. He (to work) ___________________ all day since he arrived.
2. I (never; to see) ________________ such a lovely sunset.
3. He (to announce) ________________ his coming well before he met her.
4. If I (to be) __________________ English, I (not to learn) ________________ this funny language.
5. You (to give) ____________________ the results next week. (passive!)
6. (you; to stay)____________________ long? (asking now)
7. She opened all the windows after the last guest (to leave) __________________ .
8. I (to make) ___________________ a cake, if I had not forgotten to buy sugar.
9. Somebody (to take) _____________________ my umbrella by mistake. (speaking now)
10. So far everything (to go) ____________________ well.
11. (your parents; to like) ______________________ it if you (to come home) _________________ late every night?
12. He (to live) ____________________ with his uncle for the past six months.
13. If there ( to be) ____________________ anything wrong, Mother would have phoned you.
14. She (to drive) _______________________ around the town for three hours before anybody recognized her.
15. Father (to give) ____________________ this watch to me as a birthday present. I (to look after) __________________ it carefully until today.

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