TESTS: TEST X ON TENSES (Past Perfect Ordinary or Progressive Form)

Connect the following sentences using the past perfect progressive where possible:

We lived inthe old house for 20 years. Last year we moved into a new one.
We had been living in the old house for 20 years when we moved into a new one last year.

1. Mr Miller taught at a grammar school at Oxford for 15 years. In 1965 he moved to London.
2. Miss Pringle worked in an office for eight years. Last year she married and left the office.
3. I knew Mr F. for several months. Yesterday I heard that he had been in prison twice.
4. I read for two hours. Then my mother came and noticed that I was not yet asleep.
5. Mr W. smoked for more than 20 years. Last year he gave it up.
6. I waited for Betty for hours. Five minutes ago her mother phoned me saying that Betty was ill and could not come.
7. Mrs L. was in hospital for two months. Then the doctors told her that she could go home again.

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