Put the verbs into the correct form, including participles, gerunds, prepositions, passive etc.:

1. Long before the sun (rise) we already (finish) (pack) our equipment and we just (drink) the coffee (make) in the thermos the night before, when the first bird (begin) (chirp) in the undergrowth.
2. According to our reckoning we (reach) the river about noon, but whether it (be) shallow enough (ford) (remain) (see).
3. If not, we (have) to build a raft or find some other means (get) across. After three hours' (steady tramp) we (come) up onto the top of the ridge (see) the great valley spread out at our feet.
4. There (lie) the river, about ten miles away, (wind) in great loops through the scrub. It not (look) as though we (have) much difficulty (find) a place (cross), for here and there we (can) see wide shoals of sand (stand) dry in the middle of the stream and at other points the (break) and (glitter) surface (indicate) rapids.
5. Little we (realise) at that moment what we (have) to endure before we (stand) on the further bank.

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