Put the verbs into the correct tense (present+past+future, past perfect - simple/progressive forms and going to):

1. The sun not often (to shine) _____________________ in January, but it (to shine) __________________ today.
2. Last year I (to stay) ___________________ in London for six months. While I (to stay) ___________________ there, I (to meet) ___________________ John for the first time.
3. I not (to go) ______________________ to the match this afternoon if it (to rain) _____________________ .
4. I (to go) ______________________ to London tomorrow, because my uncle (to stay) ______________________ there for a few days and he (to want) ___________________ to see me.
5. "What your father (to do) ________________________________________ ?" "He (to work) _______________________ in a bank."
6. Yesterday I (to receive) ________________________ an SMS while I (to eat) ______________________ my breakfast.
7. After I (to leave) _________________________ school in 1970 I (to work)___________________________ in a factory for three years.
8. I (to tell) _________________________ him as soon as he (to arrive) ______________________. (Future)
9. I usually (to go) _________________________ to the movies on saturday, but tonight I (to go) ____________________ to a concert.
10. If you not (to start) __________________________ getting ready at once, I'm afraid we (to miss) ______________________ the first item on the programme.

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