A. Put the verbs into the correct form:

1. Yesterday I (to run) _____________________ into Harry Elliott in the street.
2. It (to be) ________________ the first time I (to see) ________________ him since he (to come) __________________ back from Africa.
3. He (to say) ___________________ he just (to take) _____________________ a job in Cambridge and (to look) _________________ for a house.
4. I (to tell) ________________________ him I (to know) ___________________ of a flat that soon (to become) ____________________ vacant if he (to be) _______________ interested, and his face (to light) ________________ up at once.
5. I (to suggest) _______________________ he (to go) ______________________ and (to ask) _________________ the owner of the flat whether he (to consider)_______________________ (let) __________________ it to him.
6. He (to ask) ______________________ if I (to know) ________________________ what the rent (to be) ______________ and I (to say) ______________________ I (to think) _______________ it (to be) ______________ sixty pounds a week.
B. Join the following groups of sentences into one sentence in as many different ways as you can (you may chnage the order of the words.

1. I am very fond of my sister. She came to stay for a few days last week. This enabled my wife to go and visit her parents. Her parents were about to leave for America.
2. I used to collect first editions of novels. Now I am working in an art-gallery. I collect paintings instead.

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