A. Put the verbs into the correct form, adding prepositions where necessary:

1. Long before the sun (to rise) ________________ we already (to finish) _______________________ (to pack) _________________ our equipment and we just (to drink) ______________________ the coffee we (to make _________________________ in the thermos the night before, when the first bird (to begin) ________________________ (to chirp) __________________________ in the undergrowth.
2. According to our reckoning we (to reach)___________________________ the river about noon, but whether it (to be) ___________________ shallow enough (to ford) _____________________ (to remain) ______________________ (to see) ________________________ .
3. If not, we (to have) _____________________ to build a raft or find some other means (to get) _________________________ across.
4. After three hours' steady (to tramp) ____________________________ we (to come) _____________________ up onto the top of the ridge (to see) ________________________ the great valley spread out at our feet.
5. There (to lie) _________________________ the river, about ten miles away, (to wind) ________________________ in great loops through the scrub.
6. It not (to look) __________________________ as though we (to have) _______________________ much difficulty (to find) ___________________________ a place (to cross) __________________________, for here and there we (can) ________________________ see wide shoals of sand (to stand) ____________________________ dry in the middle of the stream and at other points the (to break) ______________________ and (to glitter) ________________________ surface (to indicate) ________________________ rapids.
7. Little we (to realize) __________________________ at that moment what we (to have) _____________________ to endure before we (to stand) ________________________ on the further bank.

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