A. Put the verbs into the correct form:

1. I (to go) _______________________ to London tomorrow, because I (to have) __________________________ to see a specialist about my eyes.
2. They (to give) ________________________________ me trouble recently and I (to be) _________________________ afraid they (to get) ____________________________ worse.
3. On Sunday they (to ache) ________________________________ all day and the pain (not to go) ____________________________________ when I (to wake) _______________________ up on Monday morning.
4. It (to begin) ______________________________ to wear off while I (to have) _____________________________ breakfast, but I hardly (to settle) _______________________________ down to work when it (to come) ______________________________ on again worse than I ever (to know) ____________________________ it before.
5. I (to accept) _______________________________ whatever advice the specialist (to give) __________________________________ me, even if it (to mean) _______________________________ to give) _______________________________ up work for a long time.
B. Put the verbs into the correct form, adding prepositions where necessary. The episode should be regarded as past, i.e. written on the evening of the same day:

1. My class (to spend) ____________________________ this morning (to practise) ______________________________ an exam paper.
2. We (to be) ________________________________ all a bit worried about the exam, because one (to have) ___________________________ such a short time in which (to finish) ____________________________ the paper.
3. I always (to use) _______________________________ a dictionary in the past, but our teacher (to say) __________________________ we (must; to give) ______________________________________ (to use) ___________________________ them now, because one (to permit) ______________________________ (to use) ______________________________ them in the examination room.
4. And anyone who (to catch) ____________________________ (to try) ________________________________ (to consult) _________________________________ one surreptitiously (to throw) ________________________________________ out of the room at once and never (to allow) _____________________________ (to take) the exam again.
5. I (to be) _____________________________ thankful when it (to be) ____________________________ all over.

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