Put the verbs into the correct tense:

1. Mrs. A.: "Come in. I (to get) _________________________ home ten minutes ago and now I just (to make) ____________________________ a cup of tea. So sit dow and tell me what you (to do) _____________________________ since we last (to meet) __________________________ ."
2. Mrs. B.: "I just (to get) ____________________________ home from a short holiday abroad. We (to travel) _______________________________ through France and Switzerland and (to stay) ______________________________ ten days on the Italian Reviera. If we not (to run) __________________________ out of money, we (to stay) ____________________________ longer."
3. Mrs. A: "You (to have) ________________________ any trouble with the car?"
4. Mrs. B.: "No, but we (to take) _______________________________ several spare parts with us in case anything (to go) ____________________________ wrong."
5. We shall never know what (to happen) _____________________________ that day, because the only man who (to see) _______________________________ the accident (to lose) __________________________ his memory.
6. When I entered the room, two people (to sit) _____________________________ by the fire. One of them (to ask) _______________________________ me if I (to hear) ____________________________ the latest news.
7. If only I (to have) _________________________ a little money to spare, I (to buy) ________________________ a new dress. This one (to wear) ____________________________ out fastbecause I (to wear) ______________________ it every day.
8. You (to tell) _______________________ me at once, please, if the baby (to begin) _____________________________ to cry?
9. Nowadays he always (to take) ______________________________ his dog wherever he (to go) ________________________ .
10. I hardly (to finish) ___________________________ my lunch when the servant (to come) ___________________________ to tell me that my uncle (to arrive) ________________________________ .
11. It (to rain) ___________________________ for three days now. I wish it (to stop) _________________________ . I not (to be) _______________________ able to play tennis since I (to buy) _______________________ my new racquet.
12. I not (to be) ________________________ here now, if you not (to invite) __________________________ me when we last (to meet) __________________________ .

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