Put the verbs into the correct tense:

1. You (to think) _____________________________ we (to have) ______________________ enough bread for the weekend?
2. I (to mean) ______________________ to buy some this morning while I (to shop) _____________________________ .
3.If not (to be) ___________________ kept waiting so long at the butcher's, I (to remember) __________________________ it.
4. But I rushed home because I thought the baby (to cry) ___________________________ for his bottle.
5. When I (to come) ___________________________ in I (to be) _____________________ relieved to find that he still (to sleep) ___________________________ soundly.
6. I think I (to go) _______________________ and buy a loaf now. It (to be) _______________________ a nuisance if we (to run) ____________________________ out of braed before Monday.

7. "I thought John (to come) __________________________ to see us today." "No, he (to ring) _________________________ up last night to say he not yet (to find) _____________________________ the book he (to want) ________________________ to show us. He said he (to bring) ___________________________ it as soon as he (to find) _____________________ it."
8. If we not (to be) _____________________ careful we (to find) _______________________ that we (to eat) _______________________ all our provisions long before the journey (to be) _____________________ done.
9. Then we (to have) _________________________ to spend the last of our money on food and there (to be) __________________________ nothing left for our journey home.

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