Put the verbs into the correct tense:

1. "It's half past nine. They said they (to be) ____________________________ here much earlier. I wonder what (to happen) ________________________________ . Do you think they (to forget) ____________________________________ ?"
2. "If they (to come) __________________________ at all the (to be) __________________________ here very soon now. The last bus (to go) ____________________________ by at twenty to ten."
3. "It's time they (to learn) _____________________________ better manners. If they (to know) _____________________________ they could not come this evening, they (to tell) _______________________________ us before we (to make) ________________________________ all these preparations."
4. "They always (to do) _____________________________ this kind of thing. I wish someone (to talk) ___________________________ to them seriously."
5. "What you (to do) __________________________________ when you (to leave) ________________________________ school, my dear?"
6. "I think ______________________________ of going in for medicine. There always (to be) _______________________ a doctor in our family for several generations.
7. Uncle George (to get) ___________________________ on in years now. It (to be) _________________ a pity if there (to be) _______________________ no one to take his place, when he (to retire) _______________________________ .
8. Mr. Smith (to go) _______________________________ on and on talking about is selling his car. I began to think I never (to get) ___________________________ away.
9. Fortunately just as I (to give) _________________________________ up all hope of catching my bus, he (to be) ___________________________ called on his mobile phone.

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