Put the verbs into the correct tense:

1. Whatever you (to do) __________________, not (to tell) ____________________ Father! (command)
2. I (to be) ____________________________ grateful if you (to help) __________________________ me.
3. Not (to go) _______________________ away till you (tzo finish) ________________________ this job. (command)
4. If you (to come) _______________________________ with me to the station, I (to pay) ___________________________ your bus afre home.
5. Every time the bell (to ring) _______________________________ I went to the door; but it was always somebody else. Perhaps he (to forget) _________________________ . I (to begin) _______________________ to think I never (to see) _________________________ him again.
6. While we (to have) _________________________ supper in the garden, my brother's chair suddenly (to collapse) ____________________________ and he (to be) ________________________ hurt quite badly. We (to take) ________________________ him to the hospital at once, and (to see) _____________________________ him twice since; he (to get) _________________________ better now.
7. You (to remember) ___________________________________ my name or you (to forget) ________________________ it?
8. Suppose the bus (to be) ________________________ late! What we (to do) __________________________ then? (2 forms)

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