TESTS: TEST XXIII ON Past Progr., Past Perfect, Past Perf. Progr.

Complete the sentences using the Past Progr., Past Perfect, Past Perf. Progr.. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

1. We stood under the shelter because it _________________________ (to pour) with rain.
2. The streets were white because it __________________________ (to snow) all night.
3. They were bankrupt. They ___________________________ (to spend) all their money.
4. She _________________________ (to have) a nightmare when the alarm started and woke her up.
5. His hands were covered in oil because __________________________ (to try) to repair his bike. Unfortunately, he ____________________ (to manage) to make it work.
6. When father opened the window he was happy to see it _____________________________ (to snow) heavily. In fact, it ____________________ (to snow) all night and snow ________________________ (to cover) all the trees in his garden.
7. When Mrs Sanders came into the classroom, the students ______________________________ (to run) around and _____________________ (to shout) loudly. They __________________________ (to knock) over desks and chairs and somebody _______________________ (to draw) funny pictures on the board.
8. Although she ___________________________ (to set) off in the morning, she got there late and everyone __________________ (to wait) for her to start the lesson. One student told her they _______________________ (to wait) for a whole hour.
9. When we got back from our vacation we found out that somebody __________________________ (to break) into our house. The burglars, however, _______________________ (to drop) a passport with a name on it, as they __________________ (to climb) out of the window.
10. After Jim _________________________ (to finish) his duties, he _________________________ (can, to leave) the house.

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