TESTS: TEST XXIV on Various Tenses

Put the verbs in the correct tenses:

1. Please, wipe you shoes on the door-mat. Mother only just (to polish)_______________________________ the floor.

2. Last year my cousin (to come) _____________________________ to visit me. He just (to write) __________________________ to say he (to come) __________________________ again this year. I (to meet) __________________________ him at the airport when he (to arrive) __________________________ .

3. The sun (to shine) __________________________ when we (to leave) _________________________ home; but the time we (to reach) ______________________________ London, it (to rain) ____________________________ for an hour.

4. Come early. I (to be) ________________________ ready whenever you (to arrive) ________________________ .

5. He (to come) ____________________ if he (can) _________, but I not (to think) ______________________ he (to finish) ______________________ his work by the time the train (to leave) _______________________ .

6. As soon as he (to arrive) ________________________ yesterday, he (to tell) ___________________________ me what he (to see) ________________________ .

7. A prisoner just (to escape) ___________________________ from Dartmoor. The police (to search) _________________________ for him everywhere. I (to hope) _________________________ they (to recapture) ______________________ him soon.

8.I (to meet) _________________________ him in Paris three years ago, but I not (to see) _______________________ him since.

9. I hope he not (to come) ____________________________ here again. He (to be) _________________________ very rude to me for the last few weeks and I (to think) ______________________________ my brother (to quarrel) ________________________ with him, too.

10. There always (to be) _________________________ three trees in that garden. But when I (to pass) _________________________ by yesterday, I (to see) ___________________________ that one of them (to be) ____________________________ blown down in the gale.

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