TESTS: TEST XXV on Various Tenses

Put the verbs in the correct tenses:

Read the text below quickly, to understand the time period involved.
Then fill in the spaces, using the verbs in brackets in brackets in a suitable tense.

I (1)______________________________ (never, believe) in ghosts until I (2)_____________________ (spend) a weekend in my friend's remote cottage in Scotland. It (3)_____________________________ (be abandoned) by an old sheep farmer many years before this friend of mine (4) ________________________________ (buy)it for next to nothing in 1991.
He (5)_________________________________ (promise) to invite me up there for ages, so when he finally (6)_____________________________ (get) round to asking me, I (7)________________________________ (accept) bis offer willingly. We (8)_________________________________ (set) off on that fateful Friday in a downpour and the rain (9)_______________________________ (continue) throughout our six-hour drive.
By the time we (10)__________________________________ (reach) the cottage it (11) __________________________________ (get) dark and we only just (12)______________________________________ (manage) to make it out in the gloom.

Relieved that we (13)____________________________________ (finally, get) there, we (14)__________________________________ (start) to make a fire and generally rnake ourselves comfortable.
There (15)___________________________________ (be) no electricity of course, but we (16)_____________________________________ (bring) one of those camping lamps with us, as well as some candles.
Eventually we (17)_____________________________________ (settled down) and (18)________________________________ (enjoy) a relaxing chat by the fire when the floorboards in the room above suddenly (19)_____________________________________ (begin) to creak. At first, we (20)______________________________ (take) no notice, but the noise (21)___________________________________ (become) more and more distracting and we (22) ______________________________________(get) very anxious.
In the end, I (23)____________________________________ (decide) to go up and have a look, so I (24)_________________________________ (light) a candle and (25)__________________________________________ (creep) up the stairs.
As I (26)___________________________________ (turn) the corner at the top, the candle (27)____________________________________ (blow) out.
I (28)__________________________________ (feel) this inexplicable icy coldness and an unnatural presence close beside me. I (29)____________________________________ (must, scream) because my friend (30)_________________________________ (come) rushing up the stairs noisily.
Then I (31)________________________________ (realize) that whatever I (32)_________________________________ (witness) (33)_____________________________________ (be) over. At the time,my friend (34)_______________________ (claim) he (35)________________________________________________ (never, experience) such a phenomenon and, despite visiting the cottage frequently since, he (36)__________________________________________ (find) nothing out of the ordinary.
Personally, I (37)______________________________________ (never, want) to set foot there again and I (38)________________________________________ (do) my best to forget the entire incident, although I am still very perplexed by it.

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