TESTS: TEST XXVI on the Pres.Perf. Simple and Progressive or Simple Past

Put the verbs in the correct tenses:

Use the Pres.Perf. Simple and Progressive or Simple Past. Also fill in 'for' or 'since' if needed.

1. I'm awfully tired. I ______________________ (not/have) a day off _________ over a week.
2. George _________________ (want) to use the swimming pool ever ___________________ (build).
3. The teenagers _____________________ (stop) dancing when the neighbours __________________ (object) to the noise.
4. We ___________________ (try) to telephone you _____ days but you never ___________________(seem to be) in.
5. My father _____________________ (tell) me last night that he ______________________ (know) about the problem ________ years.
6. There ___________ (be) plenty of water in the reservoir ____________ the water company _________________ (mend) the pipes.
7. She ____________________ (complain) to her manager because her colleagues _______________________________ (tease) her _______ she ___________________ (promote = befördern) above them.
8. ______ weeks the team _________________ (train) every evening and __________________________ (reward) by a spectacular win in their first away game.

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