TESTS: TEST XXVII on Tenses in Conditional Clauses

Choose the correct alternative from those given and check the right letter by pressing the 'answer' button:


He _________________________ to see us if he had been able to.
A. had come
B. would have come
C. is coming
D. came
The correct answer is: B

1. If my brother were here, he ________________________________ what to do.
A. has known
B. will know
C. would know
D. know
2. He would go mad if he ____________________________ that.
A. hears
B. would hear
C. has heard
D. heard
3. If the town had been built at a lower altitude, it ______________________________ a lot warmer.
A.would have been
B. is
C. will have been
D. had been
4. If he told the truth, they ________________________________ him.
A. were forgiving
B. would forgive
C. had forgiven
D. forgive
5. If you want us to, we ______________________________ your TV set now, but we can't do it tomorrow as we shall be moving to a new shop.
A. will repair
B. are repairing
C. repair
D. will be repairing
6. She ______________________________ unless he had frightened her.
A. hasn't screamed
B. won't scream
C. hadn't screamedbr> D. wouldn't have screamed
7. He wouldn't have joined the army, if he ________________________________ that they would send him abroad.
A. would know
B. had known
C. was knowing
D. had been knowing
8. I am sure he ________________________________ his parents if he became rich.
A. is looking after
B. will look after
C. would look after
D. looks after
9. If you bring it tonight, I ________________________________ it for you.
A. will mend
B. mended
C. have mended
D. will have mended
10. If he had done what I said, he ______________________________ .
A. Was winning
B. has won
C. had won
D. would have won
11. I ___________________________ quiet if I were you.
A. shall keep
B. should keep
C. keep
D. was keeping
12. If he _________________________ the answer, he would refuse to speak.
A. was not knowing
B. didn't know
C. wouldn't know
D. has not known
13. Unless you ___________________________ me that pen immediately, I will throw that book at you.
A. gave
B. were giving
C. ahve given
D. give
14. He __________________________________ more crops if he had used modern farming methods.
A. would have grown
B. grew
C. had been growing
D. had grown
15. We ______________________________ with him if he came before ten o'clock tonight.
A. went
B. will go
C. would go
D. would have gone
16. I will come tomorrow if I ________________________________ time.
A. have
B. had
C. will have
D. am having
17. If he had treated her well, she ______________________________ him.
A. won't leave
B. wouldn't have left
C. doesn't leave
D. had left
18. I _____________________________ you know if I could.
A. help
B. helped
C. am helping
D. would help
19. My father said that if I ______________________________ this iPod in the bazaar, he would have been cross with me.
A. buy
B. bought
C. had bought
D. chave bought
20. If they hadn't given him the money, the robber ___________________________ them.
A. has shot
B. had shot
C. shoots
D. would have shot

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